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I thought that it might be time to give as short a synopsis as possible of the concept underlying the thrust of my book. I have added just a category on the menu bar: Journey-Adventurism.

Journey-Adventurism suggests the progression of steps we all need to take to find happiness in this life as well as happiness in the next life, or twofold happiness.

The description is only seven short paragraphs. I hope that you go to the menu bar and click on it – it is a very short summary of the book.

Normalcy and Serenity Now!

If you are like me and wondering what has happened to the world, you can take great comfort in reading my book.

Surround yourself with great thinkers from the present and the past to bring normalcy back to your life. At the same time, reach serenity through great art, music, poetry, and dance.

My book is the anecdote for dysfunction in our institutions and a guide to you future happiness shielding you from the dark and bizarre world around us.

Journey Versus Adventure

In my book I talk about how the road to happiness is composed of the Journey and the Adventure. The Journey comes first and entails education, skill development, social interaction, and the testing of one’s resolve in life (occupation, family, volunteerism, religious practices, etc.). If the Journey is successful then the individual will achieve something equal to or close to the “good life.”

Also, it is expected that someone who has lead a successful Journey will have developed the cardinal virtues of wisdom, courage, temperance, and justice. These virtues make us better people and allow us to move forward and consider the Adventure.

The Adventure follows from the Journey and is nothing more than the calling to begin a new road to capture the gift that you were sent to find and to return to the everyday world with the gift intact. The cardinal virtues mentioned above are required to see and stay on the new road until the gift is captured and presented to those friends, family, and society back in the everyday world. At that moment, happiness in this life is finally achieved.

The theological virtues of faith, hope, and charity are necessary to continue the path of the Adventure to beyond happiness in this life and to the final end of happiness in the next life. Moreover, while the three theological virtues are not required for everyday happiness, their presence makes achieving happiness in this life more likely and perhaps easier to achieve.

So, you may ask – “In a nutshell, what is the Journey?” The answer: The Present You.

And, you may also ask – “In a nutshell, what is the Adventure?” The answer: The Future You, if offered and accepted.”

So What Does the Nation do to Promote Individual Happiness?

Achieving happiness in our lives requires each of us to accept the call to Adventure and complete that Adventure over time.

In completing the Adventure we not only reach individual happiness but we help in the flourishing of society.

Our nation needs to ensure that as many individuals as possible accept and complete their Adventure so as to aid in the flourishing of society.

For each of us to accept and complete the Adventure four essential virtues are needed: 1) wisdom, 2) courage, 3) temperance, and 4) justice. Wisdom is needed to recognize the Adventure, 2) courage is needed to accept the Adventure, 3) temperance is required to avoid laziness and other temptations while completing the Adventure, and 4) justice is required to return from the Adventure and deliver the captured gift that was the reason for the quest. It is this gift that aids in the flourishing of one’s family, community, and nation.

So where does one find these virtues? It begins with the nurturing of one’s family. Aided by the freedom from crimes, famine, wars, disease, and other outside forces, the family can educate and prepare its children to be a functioning member of society. Once prepared for society, the individual can pursue “Flow activities” as he/she becomes a member of society. It is during these many Flow activities that the individual becomes integrated into society: develops friendships, completes one’s education, enters competitions, finds a respectable occupation, and begins to save for the future of his/her family and retirement.

The government, workplace, and other institutions must safeguard against any impediment to Flow. It is the desire for Flow and its rewards that is the reason that such activities are pursued. It is these activities that contribute to the development of the virtues needed for the Adventure.

So, our nation must be mindful of the importance of Flow in developing the virtues which are then relied upon in the Adventure to seize the gift that is to aid in the flourishing of society and lead to happiness in the individual. Our nation must do its best to protect the family and allow the mature individual to pursue the many Flow activities that will develop and strengthen the virtues needed by those few who will be called to the Adventure.

One final point, it is equally important that our nation be vigilant for the successful Adventurer who is seeking the return back to the everyday world with the gift intact. Without the “love of neighbor” recognizing the efforts of the Adventurer in seizing the gift, society will lose an opportunity to flourish. While not required to reach happiness in this world, religious practices contribute greatly to the development of the virtues and to a far greater degree than might be expected, and help in accepting the returning Adventurer with the captured gift.

It is our nation’s responsibility to 1) safeguard the family in its preparation of its children, 2) ensure that all prepared adults have the opportunity for unimpeded Flow activities that contribute to the development of the virtues needed to accept the call to Adventure (including freedom of religion), and 3) be vigilant in recognizing and welcoming the successful Adventurer back to the everyday world with the gift captured for the benefit of society.

Artists and Twofold happiness

The great masters of the fine arts understood very well the concept of twofold happiness. They knew that an individual who has achieved happiness in this world has reached self-actualization with the gift of peak experiences. The same individual has also vanquished all human fears and desires with no further needs.

The same great artists also knew that those who have achieved happiness in this life are able to pass back and forth between the everyday world and the spiritual world. The artists knew that this ability to exist in the two worlds is only achieved by those who have reached happiness in this life – a state reached by capturing and delivery a gift for the betterment of one’s community or society.

And, the actual seizing of the gift for the common good is the action that is encouraged by the graces of Faith, Hope, and Charity. These three graces are the virtues that lead the individual from happiness in this life to happiness in the next life – with the connection being the adventure to deliver the captured boon or gift for the benefit of others.

While it impossible to depict visually what happiness in the next life looks like, the great artists come very close, as close as they can, to capturing true happiness.

Take a look at the following painting by the French painter Degas.

The ballet master is self-actualized exhibiting peak experiences. He has no further needs or desires. He exists in two worlds – the everyday and the spiritual (none of the students is looking at the master – at that moment he exists in a separate spiritual world. More importantly, he is able to deliver to the girl ballerinas his education and compassion for the study of ballet. Even the dancer in the middle of the painting is estactic – the music is not even playing at that moment captured by the painting. And we will never know if the girl completes her “en pointe” successfully (it is hidden by the girl’s tutu in the foreground): but it doesn’t matter.

The point of the painting is not the dancing ballerinas but the depiction of twofold happiness – a depiction that is at the far boundary of artistic greatest. What we are witnessing is the closest that anyone can illustrate of happiness in this life (the everyday world) and happiness in the next life (the spiritual world).

Twofold Happiness

The Road to Twofold Happiness is a nothing more than a modern version of that first proposed by St. Aquinas.  He suggested that the meaning of life is to seek happiness: happiness in this life and happiness in the next life (twofold happiness).

The modern version of Twofold Happiness takes St. Aquinas’ brilliant concept and updates it with contemporary psychological theory and scientific research.  In addition, it incorporates a contemporary view of myths to further understand the road to twofold happiness.

When you add the science and the myth clarification, you get a very logical seven-step road to happiness in this life that is difficult to deny.  Then, you see that the individual happiness in this life achieved from following this road leads to the flourishing of society: the road is not narcissistic, it helps everyone.

Finally, it is very hard to deny the conclusion of the logic: the virtues required for happiness in the next life (Faith, Hope, and Charity) help with following the road to happiness in this life, and following the road to happiness in this life helps with the road to happiness in the next life.

The logic is compelling.  It is difficult to deny that God wants us to pursue our road to happiness: it is this road that leads to the flourishing of our family and community.  And, it is His grace of Faith, Hope, and Charity that makes reaching our individual happiness in this life more likely.  Traveling the road in this life accompanied by His grace makes reaching the road to happiness in the next life a greater possibility.

This is pure Christianity!


Free book

My book will be available for free download beginning Wednesday, May 6, to Sunday, May 10.

During those days, simply click on the book image on the sidebar and you will be taken to Amazon for the free download.

Enjoy the book!

New Book

Today my new ebook became available for purchase.

I have spent the last 2 years modifying a previous book edition so much so that the new book is very different from the older edition.  It is sleeker, crisper, and the focus has shifted to helping you find your road to Twofold Happiness.

This Twofold Happiness road is the commingled path of the road to happiness in this life with the road to happiness in the next life.  This intertwined path is better at explaining happiness in this life and happiness in the next life than either road is able to do on its own.  This Twofold Happiness is a hallmark of Christianity, as well as other faiths.

After you read this book you will soon realize that the flourishing of your family and community is dependent upon your pursuit of Twofold Happiness.  This “Eureka” moment will be all the conviction that you need to seek your Twofold Happiness.

Good luck on your journey!


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New Book Edition is Now Available

The latest edition is here.

It is similar to the previous edition except that some repetition among chapters has been removed and the chapter on “Twofold Happiness” has been expanded.

The new edition has a new price: $2.99 per copy.  A very reasonable price to find your road to happiness.

I hope you enjoy the book!