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Tired of the news?

Depressed by what you see on TV?

Disappointed by the actions of those around you?

Join us!

We can alleviate your pain and recharge your batteries so that you are ready again to find your road to happiness!!

New Book Edition is Now Available

The latest edition is here.

It is similar to the previous edition except that some repetition among chapters has been removed and the chapter on “Twofold Happiness” has been expanded.

The new edition has a new price: $2.99 per copy.  A very reasonable price to find your road to happiness.

I hope you enjoy the book!

New Book Edition Coming

The fourth edition of my book will be available in the coming weeks.

It has been edited to remove some duplication found in a few chapters and to extend the discussion of “twofold happiness” found in the Christian Faith.

In addition, the price has been reduced to $2.99 per copy.  A great deal!!

Vanity Fair – The Novel

I have not posted a blog in quite a while simply because I have not had much to add to what I have already posted or written about in my book.

As you might know, my book’s focus on the Arts include the following four fine arts: 1) the visual arts (paintings and sculpture), 2) classical music, 3) poetry, and 4) dance.

As might also know, my more recent blog postings have focused on a fifth discipline – literature, and what the great writers have said about the path the happiness.

I would like to continue with this focus on literature and discuss the great novel, Vanity Fair, by Thackeray.  Warning: This book is very long and contains an abundance of characters who are hard to remember from chapter to chapter.

The title of the book portends man’s rather sinful attachment to worldly things.  This attachment creates characters each of which have little concern for others and little concern for the betterment of themselves.  It is money and social position that each character strives for since it is believed that only these can put one onto the correct path to happiness.

And, just as important, the subtitle – “A Novel Without a Hero,” provides a glimpse of the other important subject of the novel.  Without a hero or heroes, not only does no one reach individual happiness but, perhaps more importantly, society (everyone else)  does not prosper.  There are no boons or gifts presented to society by the hero on his/her quest for individual happiness.  Society simply languishes – the society expressed in the beautiful prose of Thackeray.

The essential gift of Thackeray, himself a hero, available to all of those willing to read his book, is simply: we need to turn away from vanity, embrace the virtues first expressed by the ancient philosophers, and let those virtues lead us to true happiness and the flourishing of society brought about by great boons secured along the way to true happiness.  Apparently, early 19th century British society is a portal into the destructive forces of vanity and the absence of heroes.

I can not recommend enough this essential novel, beautifully written.



Of Human Bondage

It has been several months since my last post: due not to anything except that I have had nothing to say that hasn’t already been said in my other blog posts or my book.  However, today I have something new to mention.

I have just finished ready Somerset Maugham’s great book, Of Human Bondage.  The plot of the book centers on the first 30 years in the life of the protagonist.  The protagonist, Philip, travels through his life looking for happiness.  Along the way he makes observations based on his experiences that are still pertinent today.

I won’t spoil the ending; however, I would recommend that you read the book, perhaps after ready my book first.  I think that the experiences and observations of Philip, detailed in the book as he travels through life, will be more vivid and memorable with an understating of the seven galleries of life’s journey to happiness mentioned in my book.  Interestingly, Philip travels through each of them.

You won’t be disappointed!

Everyone Found in One of Seven Galleries

In my book and in my blog I mention that everyone can be found in one of the seven galleries discussed in my book.  However, in two of those galleries, individuals soon move onward to the next gallery or fall back to previous ones.

Gallery One  – Individuals either stay in this gallery or move on to Gallery Two.

Gallery Two – Individuals either stay in this gallery or move on to Gallery Three – rarely falling back to Gallery One.

Gallery Three – Individuals either stay in this gallery or move on to Gallery Four – rarely falling back to Gallery Two.

Gallery Four – Individuals soon fall back to Gallery Three or move forward to Gallery Five.

Gallery Five – Individuals soon fall back to Gallery Three or move forward to Gallery Six.

Gallery Six – Individuals either stay in this gallery or move on to Gallery Seven.

Gallery Seven – Individuals stay in this gallery.

So, it might be easier to consider that most people eventually find themselves in Galleries One, Two, Three, Six, or Seven.  Galleries Four and Five are testing grounds to determine which Gallery is most appropriate – Gallery Three or Gallery Six.  The aim of those who remain in Gallery Three is the “good life,” not a bad place to be.  The aim of those in Gallery Six is either to strive for Gallery Seven or to remain in the Adventure forever.  Remaining in the Adventure is not bad, but achieving happiness is far better!

Finding Happiness is Like Climbing Mount Everest

Finding happiness is not easy.  Very few people actually reach happiness.

Climbing Mount Everest is also not easy.  Very few people that attempt the climb actually make it to the top to see the great view.

Climbing Mount Everest requires training, proper equipment, and a reliable guide.  Even with all these things, few make it to the top.

Happiness also requires training, proper equipment, and a reliable guide.  Even with these, few make it to the end.

While the equipment and the guide are expensive requirements for the climb up Mount Everest, the only equipment and guide that you will need for finding happiness is found in my book.  The book has the roadmap, the guide(s), and the equipment necessary for the road to happiness.  The training will be arduous but the journey is not possible without it.

The book outlines what you need to do to prepare for the journey, it has the roadmap to follow, and includes great guides that have helped others make it the the end.

Consider making your climb up Mount Everest and purchase the book found on the sidebar.