A vast amount of information has accumulated in our culture from the works of past generations: art, myths, philosophy, psychology, and religious traditions.  To ignore this hard won information, and instead search for the meaning of life on our own is too difficult.

This ebook extracts the accumulated wisdom of great thinkers and artists and arranges this wisdom into an innovative experience, the “Prose/Art” Exposition.  This Exposition is the best means to present the theories of human motivation from the world’s great thinkers with inspiring validation by the works of great artists.  This exposition is the roadmap to happiness for you to view and then for you to follow.

If you wondering if there is a road to happiness in the next life, or if there even is a next life, rest assured.  The road to happiness in the next life is best presented by first exploring the road to happiness in this life.  When these two paths are commingled, the resulting “twofold happiness” road will further your resolve to find happiness in this life and will strengthen your faith to reach for happiness in the next life, with greater clarity than either road could do on its own.

The “Prose/Art Exposition” format is made affordable to you by the latest technology.  Visual masterpieces and poetry are presented in this ebook; and, with a simple click during the reading experience, music and ballet/dance videos become available for viewing.

Click on following link for a very brief summary video of the ebook.

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 10.19.29 AM

The price of this ebook is under $4. To purchase the ebook Click Here.  It is nearly 200 pages in length and contains nearly 40 works of visual art and over 20 works of the world’s greatest poets.  Accompanying the ebook are 30 short performances of beautiful music and dance/ballet curated for you to view.  Together, they resemble a college appreciation course: philosophy, psychology, mythology, theology, art, music, poetry, and ballet.   All that you need to uncover your road to “twofold happiness.”

And, I promise that many “aha” and “eureka” moments are ahead for you.

To purchase the ebook Click Here.

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