Welcome to Step 2 of our 3-Step Program!

A 2-3/4 minute video is available summarizing this book.  The video can be viewed below.

As mentioned earlier, a vast amount of information has accumulated in our culture from the works of past generations: great art, myths, philosophy, and psychology.  To ignore this hard won information, and instead search for the meaning of life on our own, is pure arrogance.

We have extracted the accumulated wisdom of the past thinkers and artists and have arranged it into an innovative device, the “Prose/Art” Exposition: a dynamic synthesis of the intellectual theories of human motivation from the world’s great myths, philosophy, and psychology, with inspiring validation by the works of great artists from the fine arts.  This is the roadmap to happiness, displayed in seven galleries, for everyone to view.

This video steps you through the book’s “Prose/Art” Exposition format to illustrate the unique synergy between the written words of the great thinkers and the visual art, music, poetry, and dance of the fine arts masters of the last 500 years.  The “Prose” section of the book relies upon quotes curated from several books of influential thinkers.  The “Art” section contains masterpieces from the most creative of artists.

The “Prose/Art Exposition” format is made affordable to all by the latest technology, allowing visual masterpieces to be presented in the book and music and ballet/dance performances to be available for viewing in this site.

If you wish to review the artwork, simply hit the pause button.  By the way, there is no audio.

To purchase the book at, Click Here.  If you do not have a Kindle device, no problem: you can buy the book and read it on any device (smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac computer) using the free Kindle reading app.  To download the free Kindle app to your device, Click Here.

Once you have purchased our book, we suggest that you begin the third and final step (Step 3) of our 3-Step Program.

To begin Step 3 Click Here.







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