This is a tonic to soothe your mind and soul in this confusing time. You will travel down one road to find your spirituality or purpose in life. Those of faith will take another road to strengthen their commitment and the means to eternal happiness. Finally, these two roads will be twisted together to reveal an easy to follow contemporary vision of spiritual wellness for all.

This book will:

1) Clarify the steps you need to take in your life

2) Provide the confidence you need as you search for spirituality or your purpose in life

3) Help you connect or reconnect with you religious faith (focus on Christianity, but other faiths discussed)

4) Soothe your mind and soul knowing that you are not alone in your quest to find happiness

This book presents a road that unifies the teachings of the great thinkers (see Unified Theory of Happiness tab on menu bar above). This Unified Theory of Happiness does not include every psychologist, philosopher, mythologist, theologian, or Bible passage; however, it does include the truly great ones. Such a unified theory is great comfort that the road you are following is indeed the correct road.

This is a supercharged book: you will view great paintings, read inspiring poetry, and be directed to a website containing short classical music and ballet performances to further your understanding of the road to spiritual wellness.

Once relaxed, you will put down this book knowing what you need to do to reach your spiritual wellness.

To purchase this book, please Click Here.

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