Gallery Four

This site is intended to supplement the artwork presented in the exposition of the book.  Presented are videos of the musical and dance/ballet selections discussed in each of the seven galleries of the book.

Below are links to each of the four musical pieces and one dance piece displayed in Gallery Four of the book.

Please note that we are directing you to only YouTube videos. YouTube has a policy against hosting videos that infringe on a copyright. Content holders have a simple and effective means of having their copyrighted material removed from unauthorized postings on YouTube. As such, we feel comfortable that we are directing you to YouTube videos that satisfy strict copyright infringement standards.

Musical Pieces

Fifth Symphony, First Movement, Beethoven (1804-1008)    Click Here

Symphonie Fantastique, Fifth Movement, Berlioz (1855)    Click Here

Symphony No. 9, Second Movement “Largo,” Dvorak (1893)    Click Here

Also Sprach Zarathustra, Sunrise, Strauss (1896)    Click Here

Ballet Piece

Chorus Line, What I Did for Love, Hamlisch/Bennett (1975)    Click Here