Oliver Abel is the founder and creator of this innovative website.  His mission is to help others discover their personal road to happiness and self-fulfillment, delivered with the help of great thinkers and the masters of the fine arts.

As an adjunct college professor at a four-year private college, Oliver proposed an unusual new lecture course: a course that taught students entrepreneurship using artwork from the fine arts of the past several centuries for both instruction and inspiration. This course soon became the first of its kind in the academic world and the first entrepreneurship course offered by any college’s fine arts department.

While researching the material for this unusual course, Oliver stumbled upon a synthesis of three esteemed modern thinkers, reinforced by the teachings of four ancient philosophers. When the works of these thinkers were arranged in a specific sequence, a very persuasive approach to life’s journey became evident. Just as surprising, this roadmap to happiness was confirmed by the paintings, poems, musical pieces, and ballet works that he was presenting in his new college course.

Oliver relies on a creative integration of the great thinkers with the great masters of the fine arts.  This integration is accomplished using his innovative “Prose/Art” Exposition.  It is this exposition of the great thinkers’ “prose” and the great masters’ “art” that illuminates the road to happiness.  However, the road must be traveled by each of us, and the vehicle for the travel is the entrepreneur within each of us.  Oliver has harnessed such entrepreneurial spirit throughout his life.

He has over 20 years “intrapreneurial” work experience with large international Wall Street firms as a senior securities new product developer and marketer to Fortune 500 Companies.  He has over 13 years entrepreneurial experience as the founder of a small retail/manufacturing business.  He is the founder of a website devoted to providing affordable and unbiased retirement planning guidance to US workers.

In addition to his entrepreneurial background, Oliver is an admirer of the fine arts and is a semi-professional violinist having been a member (and director of the Board) of a regional symphony orchestra.

His qualifications include the necessary academic training (BA in Physics, Vanderbilt University, and MBA in Finance, The Wharton School).

Oliver’s mission is to deliver the road to personal happiness in this life as expressed in the teachings of great thinkers coupled with the works of great artists.  His unique mission permeates this website, educational videos, selected performance videos, and especially his ebook.

book on finding happiness in life

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