How Best to Approach My Book

If you are looking for happiness, true happiness, then you might find my book informative and inspiring.

My book looks at the five disciplines concerned with happiness: 1) psychology, 2) philosophy, 3) mythology, 4) religion, and 5) the Bible (great books from other religions are also discussed).

The above five disciplines are represented by their principal teachers: 1) Psychology – Maslow and Czikszentmihalyi, 2) Philosophy – Aristotle, Epicurus, the Stoics, 3) Mythology – Campbell, 4) Religion – St. Aquinas, and 5) the Bible – the Gospels.

If you distill the above teachings to their fundamentals you end up with: 1) Psychology – Hierarchy of Needs and concept of Flow, 2) Philosophy – Cardinal Virtues, 3) Mythology – Hero’s Adventure, 4) Religion – Theological Virtues, and 5) the Bible – three passages from the Gospels.

If you accept the fact that each of these fundamental teachings have a rightful claim to happiness, which I believe is a correct assumption, then my book lays out the only acceptable approach to happiness. My book presents the only road to true happiness by giving each of the five teachings (representing the best of the teachers within the five disciplines) their proper place and without contradicting the other teachings. The logic, simplicity, truth, and beauty found in my book’s road to happiness is unmistakeable. It is the proof that you are in search of.

I have spent years researching and thinking about the road to happiness and how best to describe it. I believe that my book will give you the evidence that you need to move forward and the inspiration of great artists, composers, poets, and choreographers to continue your search for happiness.

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