New Book, New Website, New Everything

Welcome to my new and vastly improved website.  I have been spending the past several months diligently working on a new updated book to replace my earlier book.  

This newly published book, found on the right sidebar, is full of new insights on how best you can reach spiritual happiness. 

My book is intended to soothe your mind and soul. It is meant to give you order and clarity as you think about your life. As you will see, we are all very similar in what we expect from life. We are all similar in how to go about living our life to the fullest. But, we start from different places and get sidetracked from time to time.

This book will:

1) Clarify the steps you need to take in your life

2) Provide the confidence you need as you search for spirituality or your purpose in life

3) Help you connect or reconnect with you religious faith (focus on Christianity, but other faiths discussed)

4) Soothe your mind and soul knowing that you are not alone in your quest to find happiness

This is a super-charged book. You will view great paintings and read inspiring poetry to then be directed to the viewing of classical music and ballet selections. All of this without leaving the comfort of this book.  In fact, you could say that this book is similar to a college course: Humanities 101. You will be introduced to psychology, philosophy, mythology, religion, The Bible, paintings, poetry, classical music, and ballet. The best of these worlds will be arranged to highlight a contemporary road to happiness.

A soothing and calming experience awaits you. You will learn much about yourself and the road that you should consider. The ebook is full of truth and beauty and it only costs $6.99. The paperback book has 225 pages of the same truth and beauty and costs only $11.99. The ebook is less expensive, available immediately, and has color images. The paperback is slightly more expensive, mailed, and has only black and white images; however, it is a traditional, well-crafted book.

Please consider purchasing the ebook (no Kindle device required) or the paperback. I assure you that you will get back much more in new knowledge, inspiration, and a serene, ordered mind in which to live your life going forward.

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