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The Natural – The Movie (Part 4)

Continuing with my last post, Roy has earned four cardinal virtues, but one remains: love of neighbor.  Without this last virtue, Roy will not be able to achieve happiness.

Roy has accepted the adventure, has fought many trials to secure the boon, avoided many temptations and, through his concern for the welfare of his community, has approached the threshold of the return back to the everyday world.  But he still needs to be brought over the threshold with the help of others.  As depicted in the movie, Roy is batting in the bottom of the ninth, with two strikes: he is at the threshold looking for the help he needs to bring the boon he has captured to society.  The help he needs is to win the game – the boon would be delivered to society and he would achieve the happiness that has eluded him all his life.

Roy’s high school sweetheart is the one to bring him back across the threshold.  She tells him that the son that she has brought with her to Roy’s last game is also his son.  She has kept this a secret from him but she decides at the last moment that Roy must know the truth.

It is this love for Roy, as well as her son, that pulls Roy across the threshold – he hits the final pitch for a game winning home run.  It is at this moment that the boon of a pennant win is delivered to the Knights.  It is also at this moment that Roy achieves happiness.  He never hits another pitch, her never plays in another game. The pennant is delivered to the team, and the community flourishes.  Roy is reunited with his high school sweetheart and his son, living on a farm where he grew up.  Happiness is finally realized – for the entire Roy Hobbs family.

Great movie!

The Natural – The Movie (Part 3)

Continuing with my last post, Roy is now a regular player for the Knights, thanks to his wisdom and courage to recognize and seize the opportunity to play for the team, an opportunity that would normally only go to young players with well-known prospects.

But, given the monumental success of Roy’s playing, the corrupt owner hires a beautiful woman to seduce Roy.  She is successful at first and the team starts to decline in the standings.  However, Roy’s high school sweetheart reads about Roy’s return to baseball and contacts him.  She is successful at pulling Roy away from the manipulating woman.  Roy is also offered a bribe to throw the game, but he declines the offer and tells the corrupt owner that he will do his best to win the pennant for the team.

It is at this moment in the movie that Roy exhibits the virtues of moderation and justice.  He is able to withstand the temptations of sex and money.  He is also determined to remain honest and bring the team out from under corruption and into the light serving as a role model for baseball.  Roy, ever modest, is very concerned for the welfare of the team and its impact on the community, especially the children who are devoted to the game, a game that must remain free from corruption.

In my next post, I will end by discussing the final virtue.

The Natural – The Movie (Part 2)

Continuing with my last post, Roy Hobbs returns to baseball after more than a decade in silence, joining a losing baseball team called the Knights.

It is due to the corruption of the owner of the Knights franchise that Roy is offered the opportunity to play baseball for the Knights.  He recognizes this opportunity to live a life in the future above his expectations of today.  He capitalizes on this opportunity and accepts the contract to play.  He is allowed to play because the corrupt owner is told by his scouts that Roy is washed-up and can no longer play the game (the corrupt owner wins total control of the team if the team does not win the pennant).

The manager is reluctant to put Roy in the game, but Roy is courageous to persevere and eventually his talent is displayed to the team and the manager.  Soon, Roy’s natural gift as a hitter propels the team forward in the standings and Roy’s natural abilities are infectious to the rest of his teammates.

It was during his journey, prior to arriving to play with the Knights, that Roy earned the virtues of wisdom and courage.  He displayed the wisdom to see the opportunity to pull himself out of the darkness of his life and join the Knights when offered the contract.  He displayed the courage to accept the contract, present himself – a middle-aged player of little note – to the manager, and withstand not being put into the game until his time to be rediscovered has arrived.

In my next post, more on the other virtues.