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Book Intended for Everyone

Painting by Munch

This book is meant for everyone.  It provides the roadmap for all of us no matter which gallery of life we may be in today.

This book is especially important for:

1) those who are stuck in a rut or are having a mid-life crisis,

2) those that have a passion to do something, but afraid to take it to the next level,

3) entrepreneurs that need some encouragement along the way to deal with the many risks that they will encounter (small business owners, professionals in private practice, intrapreneurs, and managers looking to instill entrepreneurship and creativity among their workers),

4) anyone who is unsure were they are heading in life,

5) anyone who is looking for inspiration and a little help along the way.

If you pass others on the street and they kind of have the look of those in the painting by Munch, you are not along.  This book can help you break from the crowd, like the lone figure in the painting, and begin your journey to the blue horizon.

Calling all Entrepreneurs

The Sower (Van Gogh, 1888)

The Sower (Van Gogh, 1888)

In my book I explain why you must harness the gift of the entrepreneur within you if you are to get anywhere close to happiness.  Everyone has this gift within them: for some of us it is hard to keep inside; and for others, it is buried deep within and needs to be coaxed out.

Those that think about happiness – philosophers, psychologists, and classicists, will tell you that the road to happiness is littered with risks.  They will tell you that these risks must be embraced and used to your advantage.  The artists will tell you the same thing – harness the entrepreneur inside you and you will go far.  This gift of the entrepreneur inside all of us is not the only thing needed to reach happiness, but you can’t get close to happiness without it.

The thinkers and the artists agree that this gift is best put to use on the job or in one’s vocation, for a number of reasons.  However, this is difficult to achieve if our vocations do not allow us to use of entrepreneurial instincts.

So, you are probably wondering who is best able to harness the gift of the entrepreneur.  Here is the list:

1) anyone who has started his/her own business (tech startup or small business) – this includes all social entrepreneurs, large and small

2) professionals (e.g., doctors, lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers) in private practice

3) anyone involved in the arts (e.g., musicians, artists, writers, actors, dancers)

4) anyone working for a corporation or other organization who is responsible for new products or services, a new business unit, or a new marketing effort

5) anyone with a passion inside them but scared to take it to the next level

6) those stuck in a “rut” or perhaps having a “mid-life crisis” and in need of guidance

7) those who may be on the right road but in need of some inspiration to move forward

Basically, this blog is for anyone whose vocation involves the creation of a new product or service.  Anyone who fits this description is considered an “entrepreneur” as far as this blog is concerned.

Ever wonder why so many people are frustrated with their jobs.  In most cases, it is the lack of any opportunity to use their entrepreneurial skills.  In some cases, the individual’s gift is so buried, afraid to take chances, that no one knows if it exists.  For others, the manager is not astute enough to recognize the benefits of having them unleashed within the individual.  Either way, workers either remains on the job frustrated with life or they jump ship for a possible new adventure, perhaps their first ever.

Let me know if you disagree.