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Book’s Summary in Images – Part 2

In my previous post, I mentioned that the format of my book relies on four dimensions.

The first two dimensions are the ideas of four ancient philosophers, two “positive” psychologists, and one mythologist, Joseph Campbell.  These great thinkers provide the structure to the book – what I call the “prose” portion of the Prose/Art Exposition.

First Two Dimensions of Book

Basically, these three segments of the triangle tell us that we are all motivated instinctively to achieve happiness in life or, at least, “self-actualization,” which I consider to be a fancy psychological word for happiness.  We are all motivated to try and reach happiness; but, as these great thinkers mention, most of us don’t reach happiness in our lives for a number of different reasons.

The great thinkers also tell us that there is a progression that we all must follow.  This progression, which differs among the thinkers, is basically: a need for food, shelter, and warmth, followed by safety and education, social interactions, exposure to many and varied risks, and if successful, finally a state of happiness.  Along this progression each of us will need to acquire certain cardinal virtues to withstand the many risks in life and succeed in our own adventures towards happiness.

This triangle of seven great thinkers is all that is needed to set the stage for what each of us needs to do.  However, each of us needs inspiration to trust the great thinkers and get going on our own personal rad to happiness.

Up next, the great artists.

Summary of Roadmap to Happiness

Summary of roadmap to happiness

In my two previous posts I mentioned that the roadmap to happiness is made up of both “prose” and “art.”  The “prose” is the ideas of modern thinkers and a few ancient philosophers.  The “art” is the works of the masters from the world of the fine arts.

So, the works of the thinkers, which I call “Prose” are those of 4 ancient philosophers and just three modern thinkers.  And the works of “Art” represent 78 masters of the Fine Arts of the past 500 years.  In all, we have 85 contributors for a great reading experience called the “Prose/Art” Exposition.

What is really cool about all of this is that the thinkers reinforce one another and the artists also reinforce one another.  In fact, the thinkers and the artists reinforce one another, which is very comforting.  If the thinkers disagreed as to the best roadmap to happiness, or the artists disagreed among themselves as to the best roadmap, or the thinkers and the artists disagreed, we would be in trouble.  But, they all say the same thing, just in different words, images, dance, or music.

We are getting there.

The Beginning of the Journey

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My book, to be published shortly, is all about the road to happiness, which we are all looking for.

The book gives each of us three vantage points for reaching happiness: 1) intellectual ideas, theories, and research from great thinkers, laying out the roadmap for all of us to use, 2) works from the masters of the fine arts that validate the roadmap of the thinkers and inspire all of us forward in life, and 3) the vehicle within each of us that is needed to travel the road with the map in hand and inspiration by our side.

In a previous post, I mentioned that we are all trying to get to the blue horizon.  This blue horizon is described nicely by the philosophers.

The modern psychologists, especially the positive psychologists, give us a roadmap, sort of.  Their road is very visible at the lower levels of human development but as we climb towards the horizon to the higher levels, where happiness resides, the psychologists’ models become less convincing and the road soon vanishes around the turn.  Nonetheless, the psychologists are helpful in the beginning of the journey.

More to come.