This site has a sister site devoted to helping you find your road to retirement readiness.

The sister site delivers answers to three questions:

1) How do I best construct the optimal portfolio for my retirement nest egg?

2) How much do I need to save each year to have enough to live my retirement dream?

3) What issues do I need to consider today for when I am in retirement?

To answer the questions, our sister site offers a comprehensive 3-Step Program to ensure your retirement readiness whether you are currently working or retired: 1) educational videos to watch (Step 1), 2) simple but comprehensive on-line retirement planning tool to keep you on track for your financial future (Step 2), and 3) our book on an innovative approach to retirement for use by everyone, especially Baby Boomers (Step 3).

The total investment for this 3-Step Program is a few hours of your time, and $3 if you wish to purchase our book (to review book Click Here).

To be directed to our sister site,, Click Here.


HR Department Presentation

We also offer HR departments of corporations and enterprises a media rich on-site presentation – Achieve Retirement Readiness: Find Your Road to Retirement Security – intended for employees, especially participants in 401(k) and similar plans.  This 60-minute presentation introduces our 3-Step Program found in the website.  At the end of the presentation your employees are motivated to visit our website and begin answering the questions above, finding their road to retirement readiness.  The latest Internet technology allows all of this to be delivered productively: on your workers’ own time and at their own pace, free of charge.

While the DOL does not explicitly require an ERISA plan to offer educational programs to its participants, it is in the best interests of both the plan and its participants to do so.  In offering such educational programs, an ERISA plan should take steps to ensure that such programs offer meaningful and objective instruction.  As such, our educational videos (Step 1) offer guidance on the advantages of tax-deferred accounts (e.g., 401(k) plan), the power of compounding, diversification, and proper asset allocation, among other financial topics.  Our retirement plan calculator (Step 2) offers guidance on annual savings targets and the impact of such targets and asset allocations on the likelihood of not outliving one’s retirement assets.  Our Ebook (Step 3) discusses the concerns that must be addressed in retirement (e.g., inflation, long-term care, longevity) and how best for workers to manage these issues such that their retirement dreams are lived without the risks of outliving their retirement funds.

We recognize the sensitivity of HR departments to the DOL rules regarding financial guidance to participants of ERISA plans. The information presented in the seminar as well as the information found in our website offer only education and guidance, not advice. There is no fee to access the site, no funds are managed, no advice provided, no referrals given to outside parties, and no individualized guidance is offered. In fact, there is no correspondence between workers and anyone associated with this website.  The seminar and the site are in compliance with the safe harbors of the Department of Labor IB 96-1.

For information on our Enterprise Program for retirement (including one page PDF summary), Click Here.

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