End Step 3

Congratulations!  You have reached the end of our 3-Step Program!

We hope that you have found the investment in your future happiness to be worthwhile and that we have been able to answer the three compelling questions of this website.

We also hope that you have a better understanding of the Journey and the Adventure, and what awaits those that complete the Adventure.

More importantly, we hope that you appreciate the importance of reaching individual happiness – the flourishing of society.

Isn’t it interesting how it all comes together:

1) Investment by loving and caring family and a just society in their children’s Journey,

2) Journey of involvement and exposure to seek flow, attaining the preparation and virtues necessary for the Adventure, and achieving the “good life,”

3) Adventure, if accepted, to capture the boon with the aid of the virtues and experiences gained during the Journey through harnessing the entrepreneur within each of us,

4) Return from Adventure with the love of society, presenting gift to society that was seized,

5) Cashing in the many IOUs collected during life for the attainment of self-actualization, peak experiences, freedom from human needs and desires or, simply, Heaven on Earth: a world without effort, fatigue, striving, or coping,

6) Flourishing of Society – the boon that was captured during the Adventure is available to all. Society flourishes because the value of the boon, and the benefits to society of those leading the “good life,” exceed the investment by society in the preparation of the individual for the Journey.

The individual needs family and society to prepare for the Journey – the individual needs the Journey to reach the “good Life” and prepare for the Adventure – the individual needs the Adventure to find the boon – the individual needs the boon to return to the community and attain happiness.  Society needs the boon to flourish – society needs to flourish so that it can prepare others for their future Journeys.

Freedom From Want Painting by Rockwell

What do you think the fellow in the lower right corner of the painting above is suggesting? Might it be: “You are looking at the meaning of life – the attainment of happiness by those surrounded by their flourishing family.  Don’t you see, this is what life is all about – collecting life’s IOUs to be cashed in later in life for individual happiness so that others might flourish.”

There is much more to discover!

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