Enterprise Program (60 minute on-site presentation)

Achieve Personal Happiness and Help Society to Flourish

1) Help workers find their personal road to happiness in this life,

2) Increase job satisfaction and productivity,

3) Contribute to the flourishing of your community.

How often does a win-win-win, not just a win-win, proposal come along that so clearly contributes to the emotional well-being of each member of your workforce, enhances the productivity and financial health of your enterprise, and contributes to the welfare of your community? Also, how often do you come across an employee benefit that is entertaining, educational, and motivational all at once?

Like all of us, your workers are looking for ways to reach happiness and flourish in their lives. And, like most of us, they are very busy and don’t have the time to stop and analyze how best to achieve this.  A vast amount of information has accumulated in our culture from the works of past generations: great art, myths, philosophy, and psychology. To ignore this hard won information, and instead search for the meaning of life on their own, is futile: too difficult and too time consuming.  We have extracted the accumulated wisdom of the past thinkers and artists and have arranged them into an innovative device that is compelling at illuminating the road to happiness for all workers.

The presentation restricts itself to scientific and philosophical inquiry only: presenting the road to happiness in this life, excluding religious tenets of any faith.  The presentation does not address the road to happiness in the next life.

We recommend that you present our on-site media-rich educational presentation to your workers in advance of inviting them to access the many tools of our website.  In just 60 minutes, your workers will be motivated to visit our website to seek the answers to three crucial questions:

1) What is the roadmap to happiness in this life, and is it reliable?

2) What is the vehicle for traveling the road, with the map in hand?

3) If I reach happiness, what does it look like and how do my family and community flourish?

Our presentation is constructed around three principles: 1) it would take an inordinate amount of on-site time and effort to begin to answer the questions above for each of your employees (time that would not be productive for your enterprise nor your workers), 2) we have created an educational and entertaining device to assist each worker in answering the above questions, and 3) we have enabled access to the device through the latest technology that enhances productivity and affordability.

Our goal is not simply to provide a presentation and hope for the best: we encourage all attendees, as well as those workers not in attendance, to visit our site.  Our site utilizes a 3-Step Program to help each visitor find his/her road to happiness.  Workers can watch the educational videos (Step 1), read the accompanying Ebook (Step 2), and seek inspiration from specific videos of music and dance performance masterpieces (Step 3): all three steps accomplished on their own time and at their own pace, and free of charge.

The take-away from our presentation is:

All that is needed to begin the road to personal fulfillment for each of your workers is 60 minutes of encouragement – we let great thinkers and masters of the fine arts accomplish this for us.  All workers, even those who do not attend the on-site seminar, are then invited to access the educational videos, our book, and our library of motivational music/ballet performances, at no additional charge.  These three tools will answer the three questions most urgently asked by your workers: 1) What is the roadmap to happiness and can it be trusted? 2) What is the vehicle for traveling the road? and 3) If I reach happiness, what does it look like and how do my family and community flourish?  And, these questions can be answered productively: on your workers’ own time and at their own pace, and free of charge.

There are two options for offering this benefit to your employees:

Option A: Simply alert your workforce to the website and its employee benefits.  Workers decide whether or not to access the contents of the site.  Each worker will incur a fee of $5 to download the Ebook, and all other features of the website may be accessed at no cost.

Option B: Make available the Enterprise Program for all interested workers.  A speaking fee is charged for this on-site program.  All workers, including those who do not attend the presentation, are offered free access to all features of the website, including one free download of the Ebook per employee.

To learn more about how we can address your workforce 1) cost-efficiently, with 2) highly motivational, visual, and entertaining 60-minute on-site content, and 3) post presentation action steps that workers can access on their own time and at their own pace, Click Here.

We have created a one-page summary of the Enterprise Program, formatted for easy viewing and printing for distribution to others.  To access this summary page Click Here.

one page summary of website on happiness


We also have a sister site, RetirementIOU.com, which also offers a 60-minute, on-site, media rich motivational presentation. The program, Achieve Retirement Readiness: Find Your Road to Retirement Security encourages your workforce to visit our website and begin our 3-Step Program to retirement readiness.  Our site: 1) helps your workers prepare for their retirement readiness, and 2) reduces workplace stress and increases job satisfaction and productivity.  This is accomplished by answering the three questions that all workers must consider: 1) How do I best construct the optimal portfolio for my retirement nest egg? 2) How much do I need to save each year to have enough to live my retirement dream? and 3) What issues do I need to consider today for when I am in retirement?

For more information on this program (including one page PDF summary), Click Here.

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