God’s Great Commandments (Part 9)

In my last post I mentioned the following two sentences are critical to find the meaning in life:

1) Happiness in this life is found as the adventurer returns to the everyday world with the gift seized to help others to flourish (love of neighbor).

2) Happiness in the next life is found as the adventurer, having received the graces of faith and hope before or during the adventure, returns to the everyday world with the gift seized to help others flourish (love of neighbor) and most likely receives the grace of  Charity.

So, prepare for the adventure during the journey portion of your life.  Gather the education (religious and secular), skills, experiences, and become involved with others.  Hopefully, with a productive journey you will earn the virtues necessary to accept the call to adventure, fight the good fight, and return at some future time with the gift that was the intent of you adventure.   

Also, you will hopefully be open to receiving the grace of faith to begin your spiritual adventure and acquire the grace of Hope before or during such adventure.  If so, a successful adventure will be just the ticket to the great virtue of Charity!

The above will bring you happiness in this life and a good shot at happiness in the next life (assuming you believe that such a future life exists).  You will be free of all fears and desires, integrated with universal values, and, perhaps most importantly, capable of passing freely between the spiritual and the everyday worlds.

One final caveat: be ever alert for the call to the adventure.  Don’t be lazy or distracted.  Be on your toes.  Gather all the education and experiences you can – you will need to draw upon them at the time of the call and during the adventure.  After all, they are the nourishment for the virtues – both cardinal and theological!

By the way, ever wonder from where the call to adventure emanates?  If it from God, you definitely should heed its summons.  If it is from within your psyche, you should also heed its call – no need for additional anxiety and cognitive dissonance – life is tough enough as it is.

Good luck!

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