God’s Great Commandments (Part 8)

In my last post I suggested that the adventure undertaken in life is actually the intersection of the road to happiness in this life and the road to happiness in the next life. The returning adventurer is one who satisfies God’s second great commandment of love your neighbor and is awarded happiness in this life. The returning adventurer who is also faithful and hopeful, and through the helping of others to flourish, will most likely find charity satisfying God’s first great commandment of love God. It is with Charity that the returning adventurer will most likely find eternal happiness.

So, God’s command of love your neighbor leads to happiness in this life for the returning adventurer.

And, God’s command of love God leads to happiness in the next life for the returning adventurer who has received the graces of faith and hope (and Charity through helping others to flourish).

And, the above two sentences is all that you need to find the meaning of life.

By the way, my earlier posts gave artistic portrayals of both Faith and Hope.  But what about Charity?  Charity is on display in the picture below.

Rockwell, Freedom From Want Painting by Rockwell

Attention is on the isolated grandparents, who as a couple accepted the call earlier in life and sacrificed through hard work and dedication for the successful upbringing of their family.  It is the portrayal of good health, joy, and love expressed by the family present at the table that conveys the grace of Charity bestowed on the welcoming grandparents.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving leftovers!

More to come.

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