God’s Great Commandments (Part 6)

As discussed in my previous post, to find eternal happiness we need more than Faith. We need Hope.

Hope, like Faith, is a virtue given by the grace of God. Hope takes us along the journey to happiness with God. Hope emanates from the will. It is the courage to accept the Faith knowing that following Jesus will not be in vain. Hope is the desire to be saved by Faith in God by fighting the good fight, staying ever alert, sacrificing when necessary, and living within your means.

The virtue of Hope in the spiritual world is similar to the virtues of Courage and Temperance found in the everyday world. It is courage and temperance that allow us to fight the trials of the adventure to seize the gift for society, moving forward to happiness in this life. And it is the virtue of Hope that allows us to remain faithful to the road to future happiness in the next life, as expressed by Jesus.

The following picture beautifully illustrates the grace of Hope. The travelers exhibit a calm sense of purpose and resolve that the road that they have embarked upon earlier will hopefully lead to future happiness.

The group is emerging from an eastern light into a western darkness; a snarled broken tree depicts dangerous roads ahead.  Daniel Boone represents the protector who is leading the group through the adventure with great assurance.  He is the grace of Hope that the group will eventually find bliss and happiness at the end of their journey.  He represents the second supernatural grace: the comforter, the assurer of their Faith, and the promise of happiness nurturing the faithful travelers as they follow the road to happiness.

But, happiness requires more than a knowledge of God (Faith) and the assurance that the path chosen by God is indeed the correct one (Hope).

More to come!

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