God’s Great Commandments (Part 5)

So, Jesus tells us that the first commandment is to love God with our heart, soul, and mind. Firstly, to love God requires Faith. If you do not have faith in God, or you believe that God does not exist, then you need not go any further (after all, how can you love God if there is no God). However, even if you have no faith I suggest that you read on – your life might just be improved anyway.

Faith, is a virtue given by the grace of God – it can not be achieved with one’s own efforts. To receive faith requires that you be open to accepting it, that you be humble and ever vigilant. It requires that you be educated by your parents, the church, and others who are looking to help you find such faith.

Faith emanates from the mind. It is knowledge that there is a God. The virtue of Faith in the spiritual world is similar to the virtue of Prudence or Wisdom found in the everyday world. It is prudence or wisdom that allows each of us to recognize the call to the adventure (the adventure leading to happiness in this life). And it is the virtue of Faith that allows us to recognize the call to follow Jesus (the call leading to happiness in the next life).

You are probably wondering what faith looks like. Well, the picture below is one of the best depictions of faith that I have ever come across.

This painting presents a girl who appears to have made her decision to accept the grace of Faith and travel upward and away from her friends to the right.  This is a clear depiction of the grace of Faith, represented by the sunlight bathing the girl in warmth.  The sunlight denotes a supernatural protective power of destiny and the promise that paradise will not be lost.

But Faith alone is not enough to find happiness. We need more – coming shortly.

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