God’s Great Commandments (Part 3)

In my previous two posts I discuss the two commands of God found in the New Testament: 1) love God, and 2) love your neighbor. Matthew’s gospel states that these are the two greatest commandments of God and upon which everything else rests. If so, then why does the rest of the New Testament exist? Why not just stop with the two commandments? There are two very good reasons.

Firstly, we read the New Testament to be assured that Jesus is the Son of God. We read of His life (especially His birth and death), His teachings, and His miracles. It is these readings that give us the comfort and the faith that Jesus is the Messiah and that the two great commandments (and other teachings) that Jesus states are to be trusted as the true road to follow for happiness.

Secondly, we read the New Testament to be inspired by the disciples of Jesus. These are men who walked with Jesus and who developed the faith to follow his teachings. It is important to witness how these men were changed by following Him. The readings regarding the lives of the disciples prove the confidence and hope that following the teachings of Jesus will lead to happiness.

It is in my book that you will find the teachings of great philosophers, psychologists, and mythologists. They provide abundant support from different disciplines; support that reinforces the second of God’s commands. Also, my book presents great works from the masters of the fine arts to provide the confidence and hope that the great teachings do in fact illustrate the road to happiness in this life.

The same great thinkers and great artists are once again called upon, along with one great theologian, to provide evidence supporting God’s first command. It is this evidence that highlights the road to happiness in the next life.

As you will see in my book, the roads to happiness in this life and the next life commingle with each other to form just one road to twofold happiness – the same road described by the two great commandments over 2000 years ago!

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