Journey Versus Adventure

In my book I talk about how the road to happiness is composed of the Journey and the Adventure. The Journey comes first and entails education, skill development, social interaction, and the testing of one’s resolve in life (occupation, family, volunteerism, religious practices, etc.). If the Journey is successful then the individual will achieve something equal to or close to the “good life.”

Also, it is expected that someone who has lead a successful Journey will have developed the cardinal virtues of wisdom, courage, temperance, and justice. These virtues make us better people and allow us to move forward and consider the Adventure.

The Adventure follows from the Journey and is nothing more than the calling to begin a new road to capture the gift that you were sent to find and to return to the everyday world with the gift intact. The cardinal virtues mentioned above are required to see and stay on the new road until the gift is captured and presented to those friends, family, and society back in the everyday world. At that moment, happiness in this life is finally achieved.

The theological virtues of faith, hope, and charity are necessary to continue the path of the Adventure to beyond happiness in this life and to the final end of happiness in the next life. Moreover, while the three theological virtues are not required for everyday happiness, their presence makes achieving happiness in this life more likely and perhaps easier to achieve.

So, you may ask – “In a nutshell, what is the Journey?” The answer: The Present You.

And, you may also ask – “In a nutshell, what is the Adventure?” The answer: The Future You, if offered and accepted.”

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