New Book

Today my new ebook became available for purchase.

I have spent the last 2 years modifying a previous book edition so much so that the new book is very different from the older edition.  It is sleeker, crisper, and the focus has shifted to helping you find your road to Twofold Happiness.

This Twofold Happiness road is the commingled path of the road to happiness in this life with the road to happiness in the next life.  This intertwined path is better at explaining happiness in this life and happiness in the next life than either road is able to do on its own.  This Twofold Happiness is a hallmark of Christianity, as well as other faiths.

After you read this book you will soon realize that the flourishing of your family and community is dependent upon your pursuit of Twofold Happiness.  This “Eureka” moment will be all the conviction that you need to seek your Twofold Happiness.

Good luck on your journey!


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