Third Companion Book: The Pilgrim’s Progress (Part 3)

As I mentioned in my previous post, the novel follows the road to happiness as outlined in my book: starting with Gallery Three and progressing to Gallery Seven.  The happiness that is sought not only pertains to the after-life, as expected in a religious novel, but also happiness in this life.

The first question that must be asked when reading the book, and a question that jumps out of the novel in search of an answer, is the burden carried by Christian in Part One of the book.  He carries this burden with him during the beginning of his pilgrimage until he reaches the cross near the middle of Part One.

Most readers will agree that the burden represents faith in Christ.  Indeed, this is true.  It is at this moment that Christian looses the burden on his back that he receives the grace of Faith needed to continue the pilgrimage.  However, the moment that Christian loses the burden from his back is also the moment that Christian accepts the call to Adventure found in Gallery Four of my book.  Through the virtue of prudence, Christian has known for a while what the future holds for his pilgrimage.  It is only recently that he has the courage to accept the adventure that prudence has revealed.  It is this virtue of courage, coupled with the virtue of prudence, that frees Christian from his burden.  Now he is free to fight the trials to secure the boon that is the hallmark of Gallery Five.

More to come!

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