Third Companion Book: The Pilgrim’s Progress (Part 2)

The Pilgrim’s Progress is presented in two parts.  The fist part concerns Christian, a man leading a comfortable life with his loving wife and four children.  He is well-respected in his community and many look up to him and the life that he has made for himself.  He decides at the beginning of the novel to leave his town friends and family to find happiness and salvation for himself.  He recognizes and accepts the call to the adventure, meets with travelers both good and bad along his pilgrimage, fights battles to win the boon he was entrusted to capture, and eventually finds happiness and eternal salvation.

The second part concerns Christian’s wife, Christiana, and their four children.  They leave their town to find happiness and salvation as well.  They decide to follow the pilgrimage of Christian as the best hope of reaching the end of the road.  They also meet with travelers good and bad along the pilgrimage who help them fight the necessary battles to reach the same happiness and salvation as that achieved by Christian at an earlier time.

The pilgrimages of both parts of the book rely on different virtues and graces of the main characters to reach final happiness in this life as well as the next.

There are three fundamental questions that, if answered properly, will reveal the book’s true purpose for being written.  And that overall purpose of the book will have an extraordinary impact on your reading experience; an impact that just might reorient your thinking about life.

More to come!

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