Seven Deadly Sins (Part 4)

One final issue needs to be addressed concerning the role of the seven deadly sins and the road to happiness.

Clearly, the sins must be erased, perhaps not all at once, to move along the road to happiness.  By what means are these sins erased?  They are erased with the assistance of the four cardinal virtues and the three theological virtues.

Each of these virtues helps the individual to see the harm of each of the seven sins to move effectively along the road to happiness.  For example, courage fights the tendency to remain inactive and slothful.  Temperance battles the pleasurable sins of lust and gluttony.

The theological virtue of faith helps guide one in accepting the call to adventure in Gallery Four.  The theological virtue of hope fortifies one during the battles to seize the boon.  And it is the final theological virtue of charity that rids one of pride and wrath, helping to bring one to the threshold of Gallery Seven – happiness.

But it is one final element that is needed to bring the adventurer across the threshold – that element is love.  It is the love of others for the adventurer that pulls him/her to happiness with the boon to be enjoyed by society.  It is the boon, the reason for the adventure in the first place, that contributes to the flourishing of society.

In conclusion, the seven deadly sins must be eradicated within us, perhaps one by one, if individual happiness is to be achieved as well as the flourishing of society.  Perhaps the seven deadly sins are as deadly to individual happiness as they are to the flourishing of society!

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