Seven Deadly Sins (Part 3)

With the absence of the first five deadly sins (greed, envy, sloth, lust, and gluttony) and the assistance of the first three cardinal virtues (wisdom, courage, and temperance), the individual soon enters Gallery Six.  It is in this gallery that the individual who enters with the two remaining deadly sins of pride and wrath must eradicate those sins before reaching Gallery Seven and a state of happiness.

The sin of pride is a corrupt selfishness that places one’s needs and desires above those of others.  It is a disregard for the welfare of others in one’s family and community.  It is outwardly directed (versus the previous five deadly sins) and intended to harm others.

The final sin of wrath is anger or rage against others and may include a desire to seek vengeance.  Like the sin of pride, it is outwardly directed and seeks the malevolence of others.

Since the battles have been won and the boon seized, the individuals in this gallery can remain for a long period of time before entering Gallery Seven, if available.  It is in this gallery that individuals have the time to eliminate the final two deadly sins.  It is also in this gallery that the final cardinal virtue of justice, or a concern for others, is needed to reach the threshold of Gallery Seven.  Pride and wrath are incompatible with justice.  You can not be pride and full of wrath and still be concerned with justice.

So, with the help of the virtue of justice and the elimination of the final two deadly sins, the individual in Gallery Six moves to the threshold of Gallery Seven.  But one final element is needed for the crossing of the threshold and the entrance into Gallery Seven.

More to come!




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