Seven Deadly Sins (Part 2)

As I mentioned in my previous post, anyone who possesses the first three deadly sins of greed, envy, and sloth will not travel beyond Gallery Three, or will spend a short amount of time in Gallery Four to only return back to Gallery Three.

Now, if an individual does not possess the first three deadly sins, then with the assistance of the cardinal virtues of wisdom and courage, the individual will soon find Gallery Five.  It is in this gallery that battles will be undertaken to secure the boon – which was the reason  for the adventure.

However, if the individual can not ride himself/herself of the fourth and fifth deadly sins of lust and gluttony, the battle to secure the boon will be lost.  Once lost, the individual will be sent back to Gallery Three.  Lust and gluttony, sins of the appetite, will keep the adventurer from being prepared for the battles that will be encountered in life.

It should be noted that the individual can possess these two deadly sins of lust and gluttony and still enter Gallery Five.  However, if these sins are not expunged or erased within a short period of time, the battles will be lost.  The individual will return to Gallery Three.

If the sins are eradicated, with the help of the third cardinal virtue of temperance, the individual will move to Gallery Six, assuming the battles have been won and the boon seized.

More to come!


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