Atlas Shrugged – A companion Book (Part 6)

This is my last post regarding the novel, Atlas Shrugged.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, this book does a great service in presenting artistically those characters found in each of the seven Galleries of my book.

The most interesting characters are those found in the last three galleries of my book.  All of these characters accepted the call to adventure earlier in their lives.  Some of the characters could not withstand the forces against them and soon returned to Gallery Three.  Other characters exhibited the four cardinal virtues required for a successful  adventure to secure the boon for society; however, they were denied entrance to Gallery Seven due to the lack of love by those close to them as well as society at large.

Only one character, John Galt, was able to cross the threshold, with the love of another, and reach happiness.  It is with John Galt’s love of those in Gallery Six that each character was able to be pulled across the threshold.  Upon crossing the threshold to Gallery Seven, each of these characters presented their individual boons to society while attaining individual happiness.  It was these boons that were so greatly needed by society to flourish, or indeed survive.

By the way, Ayn Rand presented the characters found in Gallery Six as individuals who were able to develop the four cardinal virtues during a time in the novel in which the USA was a capitalistic society.  Once the USA became socialistic, those in society were unable to develop the cardinal virtues needed for the adventure.  As such, the citizens neither  reached happiness nor captured the boons of use to society.  Only those characters who had attained the cardinal virtues during a capitalistic society were able to reach individual happiness and present the much needed boons or gifts for the future benefit of society.

I hope you have the opportunity to read Atlas Shrugged but only after reading my book.  My book will aid in better understanding the novel.

I am off to find a new book that can help to capture artistically the road to happiness in the next life.

I will begin posting once I have read this new to be determined book!

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