Atlas Shrugged – A Companion Book

I just finished ready a book that I have never read before – Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.

I am so astonished by how well the book follows the seven galleries found in my ebook that I have decided to make this book a highly recommended companion to my ebook.  It is a must read, but only after first reading my ebook.

The reason for my excitement about this book is that it lays bare the road to happiness in this life (not the afterlife) in an artistic fashion that only a great novel can deliver.  In addition, the book illustrates with additional clarity those individuals existing in the last three galleries of my ebook.  This additional clarity afforded by the artistry of the novel enhances the impact of the fine art masterpieces presented in my ebook.

The prose and art found in my ebook, coupled with this novel, leave little left to discuss regarding the road to happiness in this life.  The two books as a pair offer about as clear and convincing roadmap to individual happiness in this life: you need not search any further.  It is all there for you to discover your individual happiness.

I will be discussing more about this book in upcoming posts.

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