The Journey – Artists and Philosophers (Part 2)

So Epicurus was right – up to a point.  His philosophy gets us to the “good life,” which is not a bad place to be.  Family, community, and the undertaking of “involvement” and “exposure” activities to achieve flow experiences, will alleviate the pain and anxiety of the everyday world.  The four painters mentioned earlier, Epicurus, and Maslow, are in agreement regarding how best to satisfy the first four Maslow needs.  However, there is still a fifth Maslow need, and a further segment of the road to happiness – the Adventure.

Epicurus does not recognize this fifth Maslow need – self-actualization, nor does he recognize the Adventure.

However, another philosophical school does recognize the adventure – The Stoics.

We now turn to this school to understand the Adventure with a series of three painters.

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