New Edition of Book Now Available

The book’s new edition (second edition) is now available.

This second edition expands the “Prose/Art” Exposition to seven galleries from six.  It adds 12 new works of art to further explain the seven galleries.

While the focus of the book has been and continues to be about finding the road to happiness in this life, it now includes a brief discussion of the road to happiness as expressed by the world’s five dominant religions.

You will find two aspects of the world religions’ roads to happiness in this life interesting: 1) they basically agree on the road to finding the “good life” (friendships, family love, self-esteem, prestige, financial comfort) and they agree on what happiness looks like when you reach it, but they disagree on the road to take from the “good life” to happiness, and 2) Christianity is the only one of the dominant religions with a Twofold Happiness – one road for this life and one road for the next life.

I think that you will find the new edition not only helpful in finding your own road to happiness, but perhaps enlightening regarding the various faiths of the world.

I hope you will download the book and enjoy the journey!

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