The Need for Culture’s Knowledge

I think that a large part of the world has forgotten the importance of culture.  Everyone seems to be living a life as if they are the only ones to have ever come across the many issues we face in life.

When I was teaching at a private four year college I was shocked by the lack of understanding of the importance of the classics and the humanities.  And it wasn’t just the fault of the students: the faculty was equally at fault, if not more so.

I understand that art, music, poetry, philosophy, and other such subjects don’t necessarily impress a corporate recruiter – such courses are not as relevant as courses in finance, accounting, engineering, coding, or graphics.  But, the classics are important, vitally important.

Philosophy teaches you how to think and reason so that you can determine if something new to you makes sense.  The myths give you stories about great heroes that you can try to emulate to some extent.  And the arts, all the arts, give you a glimpse into a part of humanity that you might not have seen before.

The great philosophers, the great artists, the great religious leaders all answer in their own ways the one great question that each of us asks: “What is the meaning of life?” or “What is my purpose, where am I going?”

Not only do they give us the answers, but they show us how to get there.  All you have to do is just spend some time with them and trust in their judgement.

It is much easier to go through life with those you can trust than to try and do it on your own.


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