Happiness in the Next Life (Part 6)

Let’s now discuss the third and final theological virtue needed for happiness in the next life: Charity.


Charity is the final theological virtue in which we love God, and our neighbor as ourself.  Charity is the first of the theological virtues and superior to all other virtues.

Charity could be considered the force pulling the adventurer across the threshold to eternal happiness.  The force is the love of God for the adventurer. It is the theological extension of love of neighbor needed by the hero to cross the threshold back to the everyday world and the attainment of happiness.

The third and final time that Campbell mentions reliance on a “supernatural aid” occurs during the return from the adventure, a “rescue from without.”  Campbell states, “The myths do not often display in a single image the mystery of the ready transit [from the adventure back across to the everyday world]. Where they do, the moment is a precious symbol, full of import, to be treasured and contemplated. [For Christians] such a moment was that of the Transfiguration of Christ. … Here is the whole myth in a moment: Jesus the guide, the way, the vision, and the companion of the return.”

In Christianity, Jesus, the companion of the return, is the theological virtue of Charity.

More in my next post!

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