Happiness in the Next Life (Part 5)

Let’s continue the discussion of the theological virtues needed for happiness in the next life with the second virtue: Hope


Unlike Faith, hope is a longing for beatitudo (happiness in the next life).  Hope is the desire for the difficult but attainable good of eternal happiness.

Hope could be considered the nourishment for the adventure, shielding us from discouragement.  It is the theological extension of the two virtues of moderation and justice needed to fight the trials, to capture of the boon, and to desire the return to the everyday world. It is the yearning to have our own adventurers in this life be accepted by God in the next life. Hope could be the corollary to the two (philosophical) virtues of moderation and justice needed during the Adventure.

Campbell makes mention of a second time when the hero relies on “supernatural aid,” in the “meeting with the goddess” occurring during the Adventure.   She is “the paragon of beauty, the reply to all desire, the bliss-bestowing goal of every earthly and unearthly quest. … For she is the incarnation of the promise of perfection …” She represents the theological virtue of Hope.

Up next, the virtue of Charity!

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