Happiness in the Next Life (Part 4)

Let’s discuss now look at the three theological virtues mentioned in my last post as necessary for the attainment of happiness in the next life.  First up, Faith.


According to St. Aquinas, Faith is a gift of knowledge of specific truths, revealed by God.  Faith is also a venture into an unknown through accepting the truths that cannot be understood with our own natural faculties.

Faith could be viewed as the theological extension of the philosophical virtues of wisdom and courage, required to accept the call to Adventure.  Faith is that additional virtue from God that better reveals the call to adventure and the fortitude to accept it summons.

Campbell teaches of the hero’s reliance on “supernatural aid” occurring at several points in the hero cycle. The first time occurs when the hero is departing for the adventure and may need the assistance of a “supernatural aid” to make the crossing.  The supernatural figure represents a benign protective power of destiny.  It represents reassurance of a promise that Paradise will not be lost.  The helper is often viewed as a guide or a teacher, or in Christianity, the Holy Spirit.  This “supernatural aid” most closely resembles the theological virtue of Faith.

Up next, the virtue of Hope!

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