World Religions – A Summary (Part II)

As mentioned in my previous post, the world religions share much in common regarding the road to happiness and even the definition of happiness.  And all the religions mention how difficult it is for individuals to reach happiness.

In my book I discuss the two segments of the road to happiness: the Journey and the Adventure.  The Journey encompasses the first three galleries of the “Prose/Art” Exposition: Preparation, Involvement, and Exposure.  These three galleries are similar to the Hindu “Good Life,” the Buddhist “right livelihood,” and the Islamic recognition of the need for wealth for food, clothing, shelter, protection, social cooperation and kindness, and the pursuit of knowledge.

The end of the Journey is represented by a well-balanced life, full education and training/preparation, self-esteem, recognition, and appreciation.  Many virtues have been attained (wisdom, courage, humility, etc.) during this time.  These attributes of one’s life and the acquired virtues are reflected in the religions of the East as needed prior to gaining spiritual enlightenment or connection with God.

However, there appears to be one feature unique to the West: the Adventure.  The Adventure is that stage of the road to happiness between the Journey and happiness.

More in my next post.


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