Islam and Happiness

As mentioned in my previous six posts, I am not an expert on Eastern religions.  I have tried to give a brief but accurate representation of the path to happiness as expressed in the Buddhist and Hindu traditions.  I would now like to turn to Islam – a Middle Eastern and North African religion.

In reviewing several authoritative references regarding the path to happiness as expressed in the Islamic tradition, I would like to discuss actions that support the pursuit of happiness, the Day of Judgement, as expressed in Islam:

1) Sound belief in Allah – Divine Guidance.  This action leads men in the right direction.  Faith in Allah develops reason and the way to truth – Divine Destiny.  This leads man to acquire good qualities and to aim for perfection.  The Divine Will is what directs the individual to the correct path in life.

2) Worship and devotion to Allah – leads to humility and encourages social welfare through attendance at worship services.  This leads to kindness to others.

3) Live within the limits of today.  The pursuit of wealth is important to protect one from starvation, ill-health, lack of warmth and shelter, and attack from others (safety).  The path to happiness, which is the preparation for the Day of Judgement, does not mean that one should neglect the everyday life.

4) Cooperation and harmony with others.  This includes family, schools, place of work, neighbors, and society in general.

5) Emotional stability – well-balanced life and approach to others in society.

6) Pursuit of knowledge

7) Self-confidence or self-esteem

8) Repentance

If the above actions are undertaken, then it is believed that one will experience freedom from fear and anxiety.  It is this freedom that is happiness on earth leading to happiness on the Judgement Day.

More to come in the next post.


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