Culture 101

While this website focuses on finding the road to happiness, one of the side benefits is the introduction to culture, or the arts, or the humanities.

If you missed art appreciation or music appreciation in school, or didn’t find the courses relevant to you, here is another chance at tackling the great works of art.

This time we add a purpose to the art – finding happiness.  Rather than studying art for art’s sake, which I admit is very difficult and often boring, we have added a new slant to the world of art or culture – its insights into how each of us can find the road to happiness.  This approach is very unique.  I have never seen art presented through this type of lens.

In addition, only 78 works of art can be found in our ebook and in this website.  We think that this is all that is needed.  Obviously, there are thousands of artistic masterpieces; however, it would take too long to present all of them.

Finally, these 78 works of art have withstood the test of time and remain in our culture.  These 78 works are ones that each of us should recognize and appreciate if we are to be “cultured” with an understanding of current society aw well as those past societies that have contributed to our current time.

So, if you are looking for an introduction to the study of culture, or would like to understand the importance of culture to today’s world, or how culture can help you find your way through life, or perhaps all three, then stay with us.  If nothing else, our book gives you a list of the great masterpieces of art, and even interprets them for you.  It ties them together with one thread – the interpretation of what drives us to do what we do and how we can get on the right road and stay on it long enough to reach what each of us is looking for.


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