The Meaning of Life

Question 1: What is the meaning of life?  Isn’t this the ultimate question?  Isn’t it the question that thinkers from the beginning of time have tried to answer?

Answer 1: The meaning of life is the happiness of the individual.  Aristotle first answered this question.  And, I believe that he was right.

Question 2: What is the individual doing when in a state of happiness?

Answer 2: The individual is in a state of happiness when he/she is contributing to the flourishing of society.

The above two questions and answers are very profound.  The individual is motivated to seek happiness and finds that happiness when contributing to the flourishing of society, or the flourishing of his/her neighbors.  Very simple but very profound!!

In essence, our civilization benefits when each of us seeks our own happiness, because that happiness we each seek is found in actions that help society to flourish.

Magnificent isn’t it.  Our own self-interest in finding happiness is the step that helps the rest of society.  In other words, a purely selfish act becomes an altruistic act!

You might say that this sounds logical and reasonable.  So, how do you get on the right road to happiness and the flourishing of society?  That takes the great thinkers with inspiration from the great artists to answer.  The answer is there, stay tuned for more.


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