Stereo Vision – Happiness in Three Dimensions

Most of us, including myself, have looked to the great thinkers or the masters of the arts to help guide us through the maze of life.  Each side brings a unique perspective on leading the “good life.”

The great thinkers include the philosophers, the psychologists, and the classicists.  The great artists include the painters, composers, poets, and choreographers.  Fortunately, a few truly great and truly creative thinkers and artists can be relied upon to guide us through our journey in life.

The great thinkers are one lens through which to view life.  The master artists are another lens for viewing.  Each offers a unique perspective.  But what if you combine both lenses – one for the right eye and one for the left eye.  Suddenly, you have a vision in stereo or three dimensions.  The triangle seen through each lens suddenly becomes a pyramid when viewed through both.

The idea is simple enough – but such a stereoscopic view is rarely offered.  This view is what is presented in this website, as well as the book.  Check out the videos – you might be surprised with what you see before you!

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