Changes to Site

Several changes have been made to this site.

Six videos have been created that summarize the book.  It makes sense to take advantage of the latest technology and incorporate videos wherever possible.  The first of these six videos will be available to watch on the next blog post.  These videos will be placed under the Watch Videos tab on the menu bar.

The galleries for viewing the music and ballet selections discussed in the book have been moved to the tab, Music/Ballet, on the menu bar from the sidebar.

A tab, 3-Step Program, has been added to the menu bar to help explain the many features of this site and the suggested order for using the features.

A final tab, Retirement, has been added to the menu bar.  This tab contains information on a sister website, RetirementIOU.  This sister site is intended to help you find your retirement security.  It contains educational videos, an innovative retirement plan, and a new book on retirement.  this site also has a 3-Step Program.  The link to the site can also be found by clicking on the image of the site’s logo on the sidebar of this site.  This site is currently under construction and will be available in the coming weeks.

I hope you enjoy our new site!

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