What is Happiness? (Part 8)

Continuing with my last post, the artists validate the teachings of the great thinkers (both ancient and modern) regarding happiness.  What is equally amazing is that the artists are in universal agreement as to the description of the state of happiness.

Their perception of happiness is remarkably objective and their experiences, as portrayed in their works, are strikingly similar.  Maslow suggests, “… if self-actualizing people can and do perceive reality more efficiently, fully and with less motivational contamination that we others do, then we may possibly use them as biological assays.  Through their greater sensitivity and perception, we may get a better report of what reality is like, than through our own eyes, just as canaries can be used to detect gas in mines before less sensitive creatures can.”  What better use of great artists than to have their technical expertise and virtuosity, perfected through their many personal trials, put to use representing an objective display of happiness as witness during their periods of peak experiences as self-actualized individuals!

It is this depiction by the self-actualized artist, the hero returning from the adventure with St. Thomas’ final virtue in hand, integrated with other people and universal values, which is their gift to society.  It is incumbent upon us all to follow their inspiration and continue our personal journeys of collecting IOUs to be cashed in at a future date for our own “Heaven on earth.”

More to come!

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