Happiness – What Does it Look Like? (Part 1)

Most of my previous posts have focused on the journey, the adventure, and the vehicle for traveling the road through our journeys and adventures.  But what about the end of the road?  What can we expect if we make it?  I would like to devote several upcoming posts to answering these questions.  After all, what good is all the other information if the end result is vague or unclear.

As I mention repeatedly in my book, I am simply a curator of information.  My job is to sift through all the noise and distractions to find the signal or roadmap to happiness.  Also, my job is present the state of happiness, as defined by the great thinkers and the masters of the fine arts.

Once you eliminate the noise and focus on the signal that emerges, the roadmap to happiness, and, in particular, the actual state of happiness become very clear to see.  In fact, the great thinkers and the great artists concur with each other as to what this state of happiness looks like.  If they didn’t agree with one another, I would not have written my book.

I think that you will be amazed with what unfolds as we examine the state of happiness.

Much more to come!

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