Virtuous Entrepreneurs – Part 3

A few final thoughts on how harnessing the entrepreneur within each of us is critical to the road to happiness.

As I mentioned in my last post, very significant research has been written regarding successful entrepreneurs.  One acclaimed research article discusses why some people discover entrepreneurial opportunities and others do not.  The answer is not blind luck. The research indicates that the answer lies in the possession of prior information gleaned from previous experiences as well as the cognitive properties to value to opportunity to go or not to go forward.  These cognitive properties involve the ability to evaluate the costs of lost leisure, the capital required, and the premium associated with uncertainty or risk.

Once we have made it through the involvement and exposure stages of life, having developed a strong self-esteem, we must then use our prior information earned from previous experiences to perform an analysis as to whether it is wise to move forward and accept the adventure (or the opportunity that is before us).  Like the successful entrepreneur, this decision takes wisdom (cognitive properties), prior training (prior information), and courage (self-esteem).

Also, like entrepreneurship, one can move forward and accept the call but later fail in the adventure.  The forces of life could simply be much stronger than anticipated (or for the entrepreneur the competition could be unexpectedly fierce).  Fortunately, again as with entrepreneurship, the individual can regroup and begin a new adventure having learned from his/her mistakes.

Also, like entrepreneurship, one can move forward and succeed in the adventure.  As with the successful entrepreneur, the wealth of happiness is earned, and society, to a small or large degree, soon flourishes from the boon or gift that was secured during the adventure.  Not a bad place to be!!


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