Virtuous Entrepreneurs – Part 2

It is worth mentioning that the attributes of successful entrepreneurs that I mentioned in my previous post, as well as my book, are not just characteristics of the mass market or popular media.  These attributes are ones documented in recent academic publications, the publications themselves based on rigorous academic research.

In fact, the research studies go to great lengths to differentiate successful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful entrepreneurs.  Unsuccessful entrepreneurs are those whose ventures never succeed from the beginning or fizzle out within a few years; thus, they don’t survive beyond 3 to 5 years.

The main differences between the two are: 1) education/training, 2) social skills, and 3) willingness to act today on opportunities that will offer a future that might be lived above expectations.  These three attributes are also necessary for achieving happiness.  And, these characteristics involve a degree of luck and a desire to take on risk in one’s life.

The assumption of risk leads to the self-esteem needed to recognize and capitalize on opportunities that will lead to happiness in the future.  The education/training will provide the means to make sure that the opportunities are successful down the line.

All the risks, if undertaken properly, will offer the best chance of gaining happiness in the future.  This is not an easy road: but then if the road were that easy, happiness would not be much of a prize.  And, as all the great thinkers and artists have expressed, what a great prize it is!

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