The Natural – The Book (Part 2)

Continuing with my last post… As Roy becomes involved with a dark woman, Memo Paris, who is contributing to his demise, another woman enters his life, Iris.  Iris wants nothing more than for Roy to succeed as a player and in life.  With her influence, for a short period Roy recovers his playing abilities and the team marches forward in the standings.  It is at this moment that the book and the movie diverge.

In the book, Roy remains distant from Iris and is tempted by the dark woman, Memo Paris, and also food, fame, and money.  Roy becomes obsessed with these temptations and cannot see the natural beauty of Iris.  In addition, Roy has little interest in the welfare of the team, his fans, or the sport.  All he wants is to be the best that ever played the game so that everyone will remember his name.  He believes that if he succeeds this season that he will make a lot of money, impressing Memo Paris.

More to come in the next post.

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