Book’s Summary in Images – Part 4

In my previous post I discussed how the fine arts provide a third dimension of experiences to the two dimensional triangle of the “prose” of the great thinkers.  This three-dimensional pyramid contains all the necessary ideas and art to understand and experience the requirements for traveling the road to happiness.

However, there is one final dimension missing: the vehicle for traveling the road.  How do you get to the top of the pyramid where happiness if found?  You can read the works of the great thinkers, and you can experience the human feelings through the works of the great masters of the fine arts.  But you need a vehicle for traveling through the pyramid and upward to the apex.  This vehicle is the entrepreneur within each of us.

Fourth Dimension of Book

The entrepreneurial instincts that we all have must be harnessed if we are to reach happiness.  This includes social interactions (what I call “involvement” activities) and enhancing our self-esteem earned through many different risky activities (what I call “exposure” activities).  Embracing this activities, encouraged by flow (which distances us from our everyday existence), complete the journey segment of our road to happiness.

More importantly, we must trust our entrepreneurial instincts at the end of our journey and consider the adventure that follows.  Like all entrepreneurs, we must be willing to exploit opportunities in life that others do not see so that our future will be lived well-above today’s expectations.  In addition to seeing these opportunities, gained through wisdom earned during our journey, we must be courageous to accept the adventure.  We must then remain humble and modest during our journey, and near the end of the adventure, we must be concerned with the well-being of our family, community, and society.

Harnessing these entrepreneurial instincts will take us up the staircase within the pyramid: first by way of a journey of “involvement” and “exposure” and then by way of the adventure, if accepted.  And the adventure could not be completed without the virtues of wisdom, courage, temperance (moderation), and justice.

But one remaining step is needed to reach the very top of the pyramid.

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