The Natural – The Movie (Part 2)

Continuing with my last post, Roy Hobbs returns to baseball after more than a decade in silence, joining a losing baseball team called the Knights.

It is due to the corruption of the owner of the Knights franchise that Roy is offered the opportunity to play baseball for the Knights.  He recognizes this opportunity to live a life in the future above his expectations of today.  He capitalizes on this opportunity and accepts the contract to play.  He is allowed to play because the corrupt owner is told by his scouts that Roy is washed-up and can no longer play the game (the corrupt owner wins total control of the team if the team does not win the pennant).

The manager is reluctant to put Roy in the game, but Roy is courageous to persevere and eventually his talent is displayed to the team and the manager.  Soon, Roy’s natural gift as a hitter propels the team forward in the standings and Roy’s natural abilities are infectious to the rest of his teammates.

It was during his journey, prior to arriving to play with the Knights, that Roy earned the virtues of wisdom and courage.  He displayed the wisdom to see the opportunity to pull himself out of the darkness of his life and join the Knights when offered the contract.  He displayed the courage to accept the contract, present himself – a middle-aged player of little note – to the manager, and withstand not being put into the game until his time to be rediscovered has arrived.

In my next post, more on the other virtues.

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