The Natural – The Movie (Part 1)

The Natural, a movie about baseball starring Robert Redford, is a great movie and one that I strongly urge you to watch, if you haven’t already seen it.  It is powerful and very moving.  It also tells us a lot about the importance of the virtues.

For those of you who have not seen the movie, stop reading this post, watch the movie, and then come back.

The movie begins with Roy Hobbs, a natural at the sport of baseball, being trained by his father to be a future great player.  Roy’s father dies, and soon after Roy decides that it is time to leave home.  He says goodbye to his high school sweetheart and is escorted by his manager to his new team.  Along the way, Roy becomes involves with a femme fatale who shoots him in the stomach, wounding him and forcing him to quit the game for many years.

Finally, Roy returns to the game in midlife to join a losing team.  No one has ever heard of him, everyone questions his background, but his natural abilities are still present and he can still out hit any other player in the game.

As expressed in my book, Roy was fortunate enough to have a caring family to help develop his natural abilities.  He was well socialized and involved with others.  Also, he exhibited high self-esteem, even striking out a Babe Ruth equivalent soon after leaving home and before meeting with the femme fatale.

Roy was well-prepared for the journey, and was both involved with others and exposed to many risks helping to complete his journey.  However, his adventure did not begin until he arrived in his middle years to play baseball for the NY Knights.

Roy received all the training and preparation for the adventure, assuming a willingness to accept the adventure.  In the next post, I will discuss the adventure and the importance of the  virtues in completing the adventure.

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