Virtue: A Must Have for Happiness – Part 4

Continuing with my last post: those that have secured the four virtues are able to go very far towards happiness.  The virtue of wisdom, obtained during the journey of involvement and exposure with others, allows one to see the illuminated path of the adventure.  The virtue of courage, also earned during the journey, provides the faith that the illuminated path is the correct one.

The virtue of moderation, earned during the journey or along the adventure, steers the individual away from temptations.  Finally, the virtue of justice, also earned during the journey or along the adventure, propels the individual towards the threshold of return to the everyday world, away from the adventure.

It is at this point that the adventurer has survived the many trials and has secured the boon.  The adventurer is now at the entrance of the everyday world and ready to relinquish the boon for the benefit of society.  But there is one final condition that must be met to complete the mission.

Maslow believed that less than 1% of the American population would reach this point.  Such a low number appears reasonable: so much preparation, so many involvement and exposure activities, so many virtues to earn, so many trials to win.  And one final condition needed: one not easy to find.

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