End of the Journey: Part 2

One final point on reaching the end of the journey.

I have talked about the psychologists, Maslow and Csikszentmihalyi, and their teachings regarding the importance of self-esteem in reaching happiness.  Both psychologists place self-esteem at the second to last stage of human development.

I have also presented numerous artworks that support and validate the teachings of the psychologists by translating their ideas and research into human feelings and experiences.

Also, I have mentioned that harnessing the entrepreneur within us is the best means of traveling along the road during the journey.  The academic researchers have highlighted the traits of successful entrepreneurs and it is these traits that illuminate the beast means of reaching the end of the journey.

One final point that I would like to mention is the teachings of the philosophers regarding the journey.  Aristotle and St. Aquinas mention that health, wealth, friendships, and recognition or prestige are common human goals and are needed along the road to happiness.  In addition, the Stoics mention that individuals progress from valuing food, warmth, and safety, to social interactions.  The teachings of these esteemed ancient philosophers mirror the theories of the psychologists, artists, and entrepreneurs.

It is nice when many very different disciplines reach the same conclusion.  I think that we can rest assured that the journey that I have outlined, which takes us only part of the way to happiness, is viable and trustworthy.

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