End of the Journey: Part 1

Harnessing the entrepreneur within us is the vehicle for achieving self-esteem.  In fact, it is also the vehicle for reaching a sense of belongingness with others.

Once self-esteem is reached, the journey section of the road to happiness is over.  The very small number of people who have reached this level (less than 15% of the US) have received proper education/training, social skills, and self-esteem.  Harnessing the entrepreneur, to grasp the first three traits of successful entrepreneurs as indicated by the academic research, is the vehicle for reaching the end of the journey.

Reaching the end of the journey requires embracing risks, risks in one’s job, club, hobby, or volunteer position, and even in one’s family.  Most likely, those at the end of the journey have strong connections within their community, recognition, confidence, appreciation, prestige, and financial comfort.  Essentially, those that have reached the end of the journey now have all the necessary skills and experiences for the next segment of the road: the adventure.

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