Self-Esteem 4: Harness the Entrepreneur Within

There has been a lot of academic research over the past few years addressing the traits or characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.  The emphasis is on successful entrepreneurs versus unsuccessful entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs.

Most of the research focuses on five traits, and there are an additional three characteristics that are endemic to new venture creation.  To reach the satisfaction of the self-esteem need requires the first three traits presented in the research: 1) education/trade, 2) social skills, and 3) high self-esteem.

The first trait is obtained from a caring family and functional society.  The second trait is found through involvement with others.  This involvement, the first risk assumed by individuals, is encountered through one’s job, school, hobbies, sports organizations, and civic, cultural, and religious organizations.  It also includes interaction with loved ones.

The third trait involves exposure.  This exposure, depicted in the artwork of the previous posts, involves risks to one’s reputation and financial position.  This can be found in the same organizations as the involvement activities above.

The key is that to develop proper self-esteem requires assuming risks.  Many people are uncomfortable assuming such risks and go through life without the self-esteem need satisfied. This is unfortunate because happiness is never achieved.  In particular, the risks that are encountered are ones that not only lead to high self-esteem but also prepare the individual for an adventure well beyond the journey that has taken place to date.

You don’t need to be an entrepreneur to achieve happiness, but you need to think like an entrepreneur and understand the benefit of risk-taking.  As such, to get to the level where you have high self-esteem (with recognition, prestige, confidence, and strength), which is a very healthy position to reach, you need to be well-educated or trained in a skill, have good social skills, and have taken controlled risks in separating yourself from others.

To go further along the road to happiness will require other traits of successful entrepreneurs that I will talk about in the near future.  But, it is important to reach this lofty position of high self-esteem, harnessing the entrepreneur that is inside you, before continuing the along the road.

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